All mothers in the world are special, and important to children as life itself. We all agree at one point that relations in our families are quite narrow, and that is a positive thing for Albanians.

We keep the family as the most expensive thing in life (as it should be). However, no matter what we are related to each other, even in Albanian families there are many different debates. The strongest ones, of course, are in most cases moms. We do not know how you have relationships with mothers, but do not believe that there is an Albanian girl who has never heard these expressions from her mother?

1-Look at the son of a philanthropist
Albanian mothers when they are nervous with you, always have a girl with whom you compare. That daughter of a philanthropist is an example to be followed by her mother (though you probably know 100 black for that girl)

2-I would like to be a day like you, comfortable
For their Albanian mothers, their daughters do not mind their home problems, and there are moments they would like to be like girls. Perhaps, they do not understand that even the girl may have problems.

3-Do you go to your husband tomorrow afternoon to have two things for yourself Mother put in a sedate when she does not do any housework. She is justified by saying she does not need help but wants to teach you that tomorrow, you will go to her husband tomorrow.

4-With that mind, you will marry on Sunday, will return on Monday
Who did this mother say, raise her hand? Mom may certainly be joking, but she can often say that girls may look ridiculous to you, but to think deeply is not a laugh.

5-How did I not think of something to me?
In fact here are right, we must always be like mamma.

6-Has happened from your father’s family
When doing anything good, the credit goes to Mom. When people compliment “how beautiful you are”, or such things, the merit of course comes from Mom. But when you do something that your mom does not like, you’ve been all over your father’s family.

7-In your age I kept my family
Who says he has not heard this expression from Mom, lies. All Albanian mothers have a favorite expression, however times have changed, Mom thinks about her time.

9-One day I will not be, what are you going to do?
That day we do not even want to think, but mamas constantly mention this, and they do not understand that this sentence hurts, even though they say it in the nerves.